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Gas Light Pizza Pasta Burgers


At GASLIGHT we are committed to providing the local market with quality food at excellent prices.

Gaslight uses only the highest quality ingredients in our cooking. House made dough, napoli sauce and quality mozzarella form the foundation for our pizzas.

We can alter some dishes for dietary requirements if requested but we cannot guarantee completely dairy, gluten or nut free food. 






Gluten free bases available*. $4.5 surcharge, large size only.


GARLIC PIZZA – mozzarella, fresh garlic and parsley.

$10.5- $16.5

MARGHERITA – napoli, mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil and thyme.

$15.5- $19.5

ROSEMARY AND BACON – napoli, mozarella, butcher’s bacon, pineapple and rosemary oil.

$17 – $23

PEPPERONI – napoli, pepperoni and mozzarella.

$17 – $23

HAWAIIAN – napoli, mozzarella, pineapple and leg ham.

$17- $23

MEATLOVERS – napoli, mozzarella, butcher’s bacon, chicken, beef, salami, leg ham and bbq sauce.

$18 – $24

BBQ CHICKEN – napoli, mozzarella, chicken, mushroom, capsicum and bbq sauce.

$17- $23

SATAY CHICKEN – satay sauce, mozzarella, chicken, mushroom, capsicum, red onion with garlic and mint yoghurt dressing.

$17 – $23

INFERNO – napoli, mozzarella, chilli, pepperoni, jalapenos, red onion, smoked chilli oil, red capsicum and thyme.

$17 – $23

ITALIAN – napoli, mozzarella, bocconcini, prosciutto, olives, red onion, capsicum, fresh thyme, anchovy and basil pesto.

$17  – $23

LEEK AND GORGONZOLA – cream, mozzarella, creamed leeks, gorgonzola and thyme.

$17 – $23

MUSHROOM – napoli, mozzarella, mushroom, truffle oil and fresh parsley.

$17- $23

PRAWN AND PROSCUITTO – napoli, mozzarella, prawns, prosciutto, red onion and basil pesto.

$18 – $24

VEGETARIAN – napoli, mozzarella, capsicum, olives, mushroom, eggplant, roast pumpkin and basil pesto.

$17 – $23

VEGAN – napoli, vegan cheese, capsicum ,mushroom,  braised beetroot, pumpkin, olives and eggplant.

$17  – $23

SMOKED SALMON – cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, fresh dill, olive oil and red onion.

$18 – $24

SUPREME – chicken, butchers bacon, mushroom, capsicum, red onion, pineapple, olives.

$17 – $23

THE EVA – Mozzarella and Parmesan, fresh tomato, dressed with a rocket and pine nuts and a white balsamic reduction.

$17 – $23

GASLIGHT SPECIAL PIZZA – olive tapenade, mozzarella, anchovy, mushroom, bacon, persian fetta and thyme oil.

$17 – $23

KIDS PIZZA – napoli and mozzarella.

$14- $18


Our pastas are all made fresh to order with organic local garlic and fresh herbs,  seasoned to perfection. Choose from: spaghetti, fettucine, or penne (gluten-free pasta available $2 surcharge*). All pastas come with shaved grana padano parmesan.

CARBONARA – cream, butcher’s bacon, onion, garlic and mushroom.


Add chicken $6

GASLIGHT BOLOGNAISE – our secret special bolognaise sauce.


PESTO – fresh basil pesto and fresh tomato. Add chicken $5


BEEF RAGU – braised beef, napoli and basil.


PRAWN – fresh prawns, cream, garlic, thyme oil and basil.




GNOCCHI – gnocchi, napoli, onion, fresh garlic, olives, pine nuts, danish feta and thyme.


PUMPKIN AND RICOTTA RAVIOLI – fresh cream, pine nuts, thyme, rosemary oil (vg).


MEATBALLS – napoli, our secret recipe meatballs, mozzarella and basil.


GASLIGHT SPECIAL PASTA – butcher’s bacon, fresh garlic, chilli, anchovies and roast capsicum, danish fetta, olive oil and fresh parsley.


GASLIGHT SPECIAL GNOCCHI – Prosciutto, olives, garlic, onion, danish fetta, fresh parsley


KIDS BOLOGNAISE – our secret special bolognaise sauce.





SEAFOOD RISOTTO – prawns, calamari, fish, garlic, peas and thyme.


MUSHROOM RISOTTO – fresh mushrooms, truffle oil and fresh parsley.


CHICKEN and BACON RISOTTO – fresh thyme, garlic, onion and peas.



SMOKED BBQ PORK RIBS – special GASLIGHT BBQ sauce with potato fries or sweet potato fries.

small (350g) – $24

large (700g) – $36


BEER BATTERED FLATHEAD – chips , lemon and aioli. $17


Our salads are made with the freshest, crispiest ingredients and dressings made with extra virgin olive oil. Add chicken or salmon-$6

GREEK – mixed leaves, olives, fetta, red onion, tomato, cucumber and white balsamic olive oil dressing.


FRESH ROCKET SALAD – shaved Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, olive oil and white balsamic.




All Cheeseburgers come with a side of shoestring fries on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Single Cheeseburger – 1 x 140 gm premium beef patty, single cheese, gaslight special sauce, pickle.


Double Cheeseburger – 2 x 140 gm premium beef patty, double cheese, gaslight special sauce, pickle.



Triple Cheeseburger – 3 x 140 gm premium beef patty, triple cheese, gaslight special sauce, pickle.





sml – $5.5

lrg – $8



SWEET POTATO FRIES – with aioli.

sml – $7

lrg – $9



Gas Light Pizza Pasta Burgers